A specialized seminar on the map of the Israeli elections …… Add 1 and last

The Arabs said that the Arab participation in these elections is “underestimated,” where the Arabs constitute 20% of the total voters, attributing this to “the state of frustration felt by the Arab voter from the previous experience after the arrival of 13 members from Arab lists, and the failure of this group to unite itself to achieve a unified interest. ”

They added that “the Arab electoral inertia strengthens the survival of the discount rate within the low limit, which allows extreme right and radical parties to seize the opportunity and reach the threshold and to pass these elections, the less the momentum of the vote has reached the limit with them.”

“Israel is escalating these days from the historic swallowing of Palestine in preparation for a slow process of digestion of the entire West Bank,” adding that “it is in Israel’s interest to continue the status quo without any deals or agreements. Israel is doing everything it wants without any commitment or deterrence. , So it is in Israel’s interest to continue the situation as it is. ”

“Netanyahu has convinced everyone that there is no Palestinian partner for the peace process, at a time when the Palestinian Authority is suffering from existential danger, exacerbated by the continued state of internal division with no prospect of a solution, in addition to the exit of the United States from the path of moderate mediation and absolute bias of the Israeli side, Pointing out that this “accompanied by a steady decline in the relationship of power with the Arab countries and the failure to follow up the international file and specifically follow up communication with the Europeans, this paper specifically bothers Israel if activated.”

The second issue is an ArabPalestinian plan of action aimed at rebuilding and demarcating the ArabPalestinian relationship. , The third and final axis focuses on the international dimension, where the real political battle based on political arguments and harnessing the network of relations to restore the Palestinian issue to its real size, and should give European relations the largest share in this file tasks.

The extreme right led by Netanyahu controls the keys to the formation and governance of the government, expecting the tension between Jordan and Israel to continue in the coming period. The escalation will escalate in two directions, especially with respect to demographic issues and holy sites.

On the Israeli regional normalization and the circumvention of the Netanyahu government, the organizers said: “There is no horizon for this course at this stage, given the increasing contention over the leadership of the region and the Islamic world, which under its populist conditions not to sink into normal relations with Israel,” stressing that “regional normalization will remain in the framework of margins. ”

They noted that the increased mixing of the Arab with Israel gives a renewed culture that construction with such Israeli governments extremist impossible, stressing that” the Israeli security support in the face of Iran is the burden in this confrontation. ”

Source: Jordan News Agency