8 new COVID-19 cases in Kingdom, all came from abroad

Eight COVID-19 cases, all from abroad, were recorded in the Kingdom on Monday, bringing the caseload to 1,176, according to the Health Ministry.


The new cases included four arrivals to Jordanian returnees (2 from Saudi Arabia, 1 from Syria, from the USA), who been in quarantine at designated hotels and 4 truck drivers who were tested at the Al Omari Border Crossing, according to the media briefing issued by the Prime Ministry and the Health Ministry.


Also, no cases of recovery were reported, while 6,281 additional virus tests were conducted, bringing the cumulative number of coronavirus tests administered since the beginning of the pandemic to 571,390, according to the briefing.


The ministry warned against any behaviours in violation of public safety and prevention precautions, including gatherings of more than 20 persons, vowing to apply penalties against violators, which are stipulated under the government’s defence orders.


It urged compliance with safety procedures, including wearing face coverings, physical distancing and using the Aman and Sehtak safety applications as global infections are rising and “outbreaks are getting worse in many world and regional countries.”


Source: Jordan News Agency