6.6-magnitude quake hits south Philippines

Amman, A 6.6-magnitude quake struck the southern Philippines on Tuesday, killing a boy, cracking buildings and terrifying locals who ran into the streets, according to AFP.

The killed teenage boy was crushed by a falling wall as he tried to escape his school in Magsaysay, the town spokesman said, noting that other students were also injured in “stampede” to escape the building, but they survived.

Tulunan’s mayor Reuel Limbungan said the local municipal hall had been heavily damaged and the authorities had received “lots of reports of injuries”.

“The shallow quake hit the island of Mindanao, which was struck by another shaking earlier this month,” the US Geological Survey said, adding there was no tsunami threat.

The Philippines suffers regular tremors as part of the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, an arc of intense seismic activity that stretches from Japan through South-east Asia and across the Pacific basin.

Source: Jordan News Agency