Government lowers fuel prices for September

Amman, The government’s fuel pricing committee on Saturday decided to cut the prices of fuel derivatives for September.

The price of 1 litre of unleaded 90-octane gasoline will go down from JD0.775 per litre in August to JD0.755 in September, according to the committee’s decision.

The price per litre of unleaded 95-octane gasoline will be sold at JD0.985 in September, compared with JD1 in August. The prices of diesel and kerosene per litre will decrease to JD0.590, compared with JD0.605 in August.

The committee said the price of gas cylinders will remain unchanged at JD7 despite an increase in international rates to JD7.2.

Source: Jordan News Agency

First shipment of Iraqi crude oil to arrive on Tuesday

Amman, The first shipment of Iraqi crude oil is set to arrive in Jordan on Tuesday as part of a deal under which the Kingdom will buy 10,000 barrels a day of Iraq’s Kirkuk oil at benchmark crude Brent prices minus transport costs, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Hala Zawati announced on Saturday.

The minister said in a statement that loading of tanker trucks in Kirkuk has already started and the shipment is expected to arrive on Tuesday to the Jordan Petroleum Refinery in Zarqa. Zawati added that the daily shipments of Iraqi crude oil to Jordan will not exceed 10,000 barrels a day, comprising 7 percent of the Kingdom’s needs, in the first stage but could be increased pursuant to future agreements.

According to the minister, more than 200 tankers from Jordan and Iraq will participate in the shipping process, 50 percent each, including truck tankers owned by citizens (individuals) and companies working in the transport of crude oil.

She said that cooperation between Jordan and Iraq in the energy domain is not limited to importing crude oil only, noting that the two countries are working to complete the necessary procedures for the establishment of an oil pipeline extending from Iraq’s Basra to the port of Aqaba.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Ex-US Marine Paul Whelan indicted on spying charges in Russia – lawyer

Moscow, Paul Whelan, an ex-US Marine suspected of espionage in Russia, has been formally indicted. Whelan was detained on New Year’s Eve in Moscow while receiving a flash drive said to be full of Russian state secrets.

The accused will be presented with the indictment next week, Whelan’s lawyer, Vladimir Zherebenkov said.

The date for the beginning of court proceedings remains unclear, as the defendant will have to rely on an interpreter to read the materials of the case, and this might take some time.

The suspect denies all the charges and maintains his innocence, the lawyer said.

Source: Jordan News Agency

US denies entry to Canadian Muslims crossing border

Ottawa, At least six Canadian Muslims have been denied entry at the Canada-U.S. border in the past two weeks, news reports said Friday.

They were traveling separately with their families and were turned away at different border crossing points.

Neither are from countries listed by U.S. President Donald Trump under his “Muslim ban” executive order.

The men were given scant information on why they were turned back but were told they needed to apply for visas at Toronto’s U.S. consulate, a procedure not common for those with Canadian passports.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Trump confirms new round of China tariffs

Washington, US President Donald Trump has confirmed that a new round of tariffs on Beijing will go into effect on Sunday in the latest tit-for-tat of the US trade war with China.

China tariffs are “on,” the president told reporters before departing to Camp David, the presidential retreat on Friday.

“A lot of companies have left China and a lot more are leaving,” the president said without providing any evidence.

The US is planning to impose 15-per cent tariffs on $US300 billion worth of Chinese goods.

Some of that will start in September and another tranche in December, in order, the president says, to avoid harm to consumers ahead of Christmas.

Earlier this month China announced plans to impose tariffs on an additional $US75 billion worth of US goods imported into the country, and Trump responded by increasing the September tariffs from 10 to 15 per cent.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Relatively hot weather over the next 72 hours

Amman, A slight rise in temperatures is expected, on Friday, where relatively hot weather conditions are forecast to prevail in the hilly areas and plains, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said in its daily update.

Winds will be northwesterly moderate, the JMD added.

As of tomorrow, another slight rise in temperatures is expected, with high-altitude clouds.

Temperatures in Amman will range between a high of 34 degrees Celsius and a low of 22 degrees, mercury levels in northern parts will reach 34 degrees during the day and 23 degrees at night.

In the coastal city of Aqaba temperatures will hover between 41 degrees Celsius during daytime and 29 degrees at night.

Source: Jordan News Agency